Ryan the rascal

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Top arab man Ryan wants to eat a tabbouleh tonight. On the way to the supermarket, to buy olive oil, he meets young french twink Logan. Ryan was aware of Logan’s desire to suck his big arab dick, as the younster was watching his dick every time he pass nearby. Ryan asks the twink to follow him into the parking lot. In the project, young guys admire and fear their older mates. And when a bad ass boy gives an orders, twinks obey. Once in the basement, Logan is forced to suck big arab dick of Moroccan man, before being dumped as a poster on the wall, giving up his virgin ass to big arab cock. Logan is readily fucked in brutal way ! From the very first time the youngster shall learn how to satisfy real man and serve big arab dicks !


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Ryan is Moroccan bad boy living in 93 district of Paris' project. Our horny arab man will wank his huge dick right in front of your eyes - in full flavor. You could almost smell his skin and lick his gland.


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