Walid le Zobeur

In his first DVD Walid aka Dick'Omatic invites you to a guided visit to the dark and secret spots in town. Places you've never been! The kinky Arab dude uses a few passive/submissive guys, all willing to serve him and worship his gorgeous dick. He uses for his insatiable desire for sex all the little twinks in the neighbor and fucks them in secret undergrounds and car parks. One of them is the young Alex Shym who does his best not to choke on the stud's massive meaty cock. A little guy called "Yo" gets the pleasure of taking both Walid and his muscular hunky buddy Anis in a steamy three-some. "Cazador's ass too gets an intensive banging and the adventurous Mark Humper is forced to swallow Maltos and Walid's cocks at the same time before getting fucked over and over. His dreams finally become reality thanks to Walid aka Dick'Omatic inda house!

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Walid is a tough guy from the hood who allways needs a good slut. Today he grabbed Alex Shym an innocent blond guy who was walking around, looking for some good cock to suck. Alex is not aware of Walid’s big needs. This guys is salvage, dominant, he likes to destroy the mouth of bottom guy with his big arab dick. But, what he likes more of any other thing is to mercilessly fuck round white asses. This is what he’s gonna do today with much anger and strenght.


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Maltos organises a threesome with one of his new buddies. In a basement somewhere in the projects, a cock-sucker is on his knees with his mouth wide open. Walid, a hyper Arab dude with a hairy cock walks in. He came to help Maltos trashing their bottom-boy's ass. Double blowjobs, ball-sucking, jaw-stretching cock-sucking fun for a starter then comes the main course: Maltos and Walid are both naked and rock-hard. Marc Humper knows what's about to happen. No time for a break, he gets one big cock up his greedy ass one after the other and for desert.... He gets double-fucked!


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So many times Yo dreamed about it - to be heavily fucked and abused by two Arab guys and their big Arab dicks. This time, his dreaming are about to become reality. Two hooded guys broke into his apartment and attack his pretty ass. Walid the zobeur and Anis the Algerian muscled guy. Yo will be forced to suck the Walid's hairy dick and then will be fucked by Anis, who's gonna also spank his smooth ass.


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Cazador is used to get fucked by top arab guys in the project. He knows very well what turns them on: scream like a bitch, tighten your hole, show all your obedience and take that hard dick in your ass for hours. Walid likes exactly that kind of sex, and enjoys to fuck Cazador’s white ass in barbarian way. He will slap Cazador’s face with his arab dick, insult his slut in Arab, he will be fingering his hole, spank his ass, and mercilessly fuck that ass.


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In Parisian project local gansta men are hiding in the basements of social buildings, parkings and escape corridors, all kind of illicit stuff: drugs, arms, stollen goods etc. So it is forbidden to normal people to walk around or to visit this kind places. You may be confronted to armed men or to guys who are protecting this stuff like Walid. But french gay men know that these guys are bored there, they do nothing all day long and they need someone to suck their dicks. J Bineau have decided to go for a search of some good arab dick, and luckily for him he's about to meet Walid le Zobeur. Walid will fuck him like a bitch who needs to be fucked hard by hard arab dick.


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