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Walid the barbarian

Cazador is used to get fucked by top arab guys in the project. He knows very well what turns them on: scream like a bitch, tighten your hole, show all your obedience and take that hard dick in your ass for hours. Walid likes exactly that kind of sex, and enjoys to fuck Cazador’s white ass in barbarian way. He will slap Cazador’s face with his arab dick, insult his slut in Arab, he will be fingering his hole, spank his ass, and mercilessly fuck that ass. Time:17 min


Blond guy roughly fucked by Maltos and Fabio

The lucky bottom of this scene is Yo, a french twink usually discreet and shy. But today he'll be forced to act like a bitch and to open wide his little hole. Fabio and Maltos, two mucho latino fuckers, were forbidden to play a football game earlier today, so they decided to fuck together some smooth white ass, as they had a lot of extra energy to discharge. Yo was the perfect victim for their overbooked balls. Hard fuck, dirty play and violent ass punching with big dicks. Poor and happy Yo. Time:21 min


A Hooded Gang banged Tony Axel

Tony wanted cock and he got loads of it! The "Hooded Gang" grabbed Tony Axel in a stairway, fucked his face and gang-banged his little ass. Four anonymous hung tops abused and humiliated him. He loved it! Tony Axel is one hell of a cock-taker! Time:19 min


Young gay tunisian wants that big dick in his ass

Toufik is a horny little fucker who knows where to find cocks in his local village. In a little beach house he joins a masculine Arab stud who's going to give him what he needs... Time:10 min



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Black and White at its best!

New blacky-man is in tha' project, and Aznar will help him to feel very welcome. Kevin will offer his big black dick to the Algerian-man. Aznar have some difficulties to swallow that big dick, but he'll do his best to satisfy the newcomer. Nice example of black & white solidarity. Time:12 min


Wellfucked white ass

Ansar big dick an balls need to abuse a well rounded white ass. Tiziano will respond to the emergency by offering her gorgeous body and mouth. After having stuffed his angel face, Ansar will tackle its pristine white ass. Time:14 min



We found for you a magnificent Black straight male. He wears a hood while a hungry White cock-sucker worships his big black pole. What a nice way to start the month of August at! Time:15 min