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Face cum for a hostage

The Arab fucker from Marseille is back, hooded and horny. He just picked up Cazador, a bottom french guy who likes to be insulted and fucked by big arab dicks. This time he’s gonna have best of both. The arab guy will give him his big circumcised dick to suck it, and will insult him all along saying fagot, bitch, whore etc. His giant godzilla-size dick is ready to shoot on the face of the hostage. Time:16 min


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Fuck Kingdom

Many british guys love to visit Paris as French capital is not only the city of culture and romance but also the city of hidden treasures and wild sex. Jace Tyler is visiting Paris for the very first time and is looking for some big dick to suck. Happily for him, he discovered one of the most precious treasures of Paris. "Le big dick" of The Marseillais. Our Moroccan dude will kick his ass, slap his face and shut his mouth with his giant godzila-size dick. One thing is for sure. Jace will remember his first time in the fuck-Kingdom. Time:17 min


Now wank me off bitch!

Yo is back in the room, waiting for a dude he noticed earlier in the morning. When the Latino hottie arrives Yo wastes no time. He goes down on him, making sure his cock gets rock-hard. Then it's time to open up his hole for his new ride! After he fucked him, the rascal oders him to finish him off by hand. Yo is more than happy to work on the great cock, looking forward to watching it shoot its massive load! Time:18 min


Rascal bitch for Le Marseillais

He's fucked and destroyed hundreds of transvestite bitches and gay cock-suckers up in Paris. Now for a change he wants to stuff a different kind of whole. He called up a French rascal. The boy arrives, quite relaxed, not yet realizing what's gonna happen to his mouth and ass until he sees Le Marseiilais' massive cock in the flesh...He knows the giant cock is about to go places no one has reached before! It's gonna hurt so good! The boy wants the stud's cock and he wants his cum but he's gonna have to work for it! Check this out! Time:19 min


Take my arab dick bitch!

In a no entry tunnel, "Ptit Jo" is waiting for daily treat: a nice big Arab cock to stuff his mouth and fuck his greedy little ass. Luckily he doesn't have to wait for too long because Walid is on his way down, looking for a hole to plow. Valid is dominant, hung and relentless when fucking. He doesn't stop until he's done! Pitt Jo is gonna be kept busy for a good while! Time:17 min


Fucked like a dog

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