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Eat that portugese dick

Steven boy is hugry today. Young hairless bottom needs some big hot meal. We have presented to him Maltos, the assbraker who distroyed Thashykii' and Playboy' asses few weeks ago. So Steven Boy is ready to suffer and enjoy. It's not easy to be bottom. Time:21 min


Macho duel

When a muscular and tough guy as Jeff can be, meets a Latin top gun, prepare for a macho duel. The two guys are going to please each other, as only guys can do when they look after a person of their own kind. Jeff will crack the armor and surrender weapons in front of Fabio's big cock. Deep throat and masterful fucking is on the agenda, right on the desk ;-) Time:16 min


Jump on that big joystick !

J Bineau a young Algerian guy meets Farid, a spanish-morrocan stud. Two buddies have no much time to loose. JB is sucking a big fat moroccan dick and Farid licks smooth algerian ass. Well, that's citebeur fellowship we like to see. In final part of the game JB will sit on Farid's joystick and take it all. Time:16 min


Oversized Black cock for greedy twink

A Black big fat cock for a greedy and obedient little French dude... Behind a pair of sun glasses, a baseball cap, and a muscle top, is a superb muscular and sensual Black top. The little twink facing him is eager to use his mouth and smooth ass to extract every single drop of cum from the huge black cock! Time:14 min


Kingsize cock for greedy ass

You've got to be a fan of Cubano! He is magnificent with his sculpted powerful chest, his cut abs and his never-ending cock! There is a queue of guys dying to taste his massive tool! Today the lucky winner of the big prize is Anzar. He wants it, he's gonna get it...for a long time! Time:18 min


A weapon of ass destruction

Here is another hooded rascal ready to break some ass! He is armed with a massive extra-hard boner and he's eager to use it. His target today is: Leo Helios' ass! Check this out! Time:18 min


Coasta's big black dick

Tony Costa's got the looks. Sun glasses resting on his head, opened shirt to show off his perfect pecs and abs. He's also hung. His XXL black cock could satisfy any greedy little cock-sucker. Once you've watched this video you'll know that he knows how to use it too! Time:12 min


Leo Helios on a massive dick

Maltos needed a mouth to help him shoot his load. He called his buddies from the gang of "Hooded Fuckers". They sent him Leo Helios, a real cock-sucker who's already been fucked by a few of the gang. Today though, he's gonna have to open up like he never did before because...Portos is massive! Time:18 min