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Maxexe and Issam met in the gym, they challenge each other to a bit of wrestling. The two studs engage the fight, their muscles flex and rub against each other and their hard-ons press against the fabric of their gym gear! Maxexe knows he's the strongest and knows the issue of the fight: The winner takes it all! Time:20 min


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Nader loves meeting other Arab dudes for some hot session. Today he introduce little Jawad, who has little experience but is very eager to learn, to the pleasure of ass-fun. A bit of blow-job action, then some fucking action, things are going well till Jawad starts fingering Nader's ass and have him moaning like a bitch! Those fingers are gonna get busy! Jawad is a new model, on only! Time:12 min



I think you know Chris by now! French dude, hot bod, bottom and big fan of massive cocks. Sounds familiar? Today Chris gets interrupted during his work out by two friends in need. Two muscle studs in need of what? Have a guess... Fans of 3-somes, ass-banging session, spit and spunk, this video is for you! Get ready to shoot! Time:15 min



Here is another happy victim of Boris rough sexual practices in this scene where he sneaks up on a dude taking a piss against a wall. The little rascal ends up on all four and gets his ass kicked and fucked by his new master: Boris! Time:19 min



Carlo, an Italian Adonis, follows Greg to a dark hideaway for some relieve. Right from the start, the Sicilian shows his hot Mediterranean nature in a hand to hand kissing session. He literally licks Greg from head to toes before opening his legs to let his stud fuck his ass. Time:17 min


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Video taken from DVD Wesh Cousin 4. Watch out for this hot video! Three rascals have hit the road in their big car. Looking for a quiet place to have some good times, they park in a basement. Nader, the well-hung Arab, Boris, the white top and Bechir, with his perfect body, are looking for hot stuff. But who’s gonna be the bitch? The bitch is in the trunk: Tom, a white bottom, already naked and ready to suck some good cock. The three boys will have fun and fuck this pretty submissive boy really hard. Time:10 min



Zitoune is one of Citebeur's roughest top and he's back for a hot fuck-session. Mounir is going to experience real male power and he's in good hands…Zitoune knows how to treat an ass when he gets one! Don't miss this ass-banging video, it's gonna go a long way! Time:15 min



Max the super hung Black dude helps out a friend of his in a basement. Luckily, Jordan is there already…quite horny and eager for cock. Max takes his schlong and puts Jordan to the test….His throat expends to accommodate Max 10 inch hot rod and of course his ass is about to take the full power of the stud' cock too. Pure black male pleasure, come and check it out! Time:14 min