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Leo has become addicted to a place where hot action is guaranteed: Citebeur's basement. Whether it's an Arab stud or a hung Black top, Leo knows he will always find a fucker to stuff his greedy ass! Tonight it's Kriss Anderson's turn to test-drive Helios' tight hole... Tempo:19 min



"Cagoule Hot" is a hung rascal who wants to stay anonymous. We don't really care what he looks like. All we want to see is the dude's huge cock in full perforation of Tony Axel's little ass! The passive boy is going to get plenty of dick from the anonymous fucker! Did I mention that this is an outdoor session?? Tempo:19 min


Spread your cheeks and shut up!

Looks like Tyron Bang got himself a stud at BeurOnline! His name is Cagoule Man and he is meeting the top in a basement to service him. He's gonna have to take a big cock all the way down his throat and give his tight hole to the hooded fucker! Tempo:19 min


Servicing that white ass

Markiza has already wanked his dick 3 times today, but in order to lower down his sexual hormones he still needs to fuck some wet mouth. So he calls his regular slut, a french twink called Yo, and asks him to bring his white ass right now. In less than 20min his bitch comes to the place and kneels down in front of his cock. Yo will suck that mighty dick again, as many times before, and will give his ass to the boss. Markiza will dispose of that precious good, like a wise owner who maintains his property wisely and regularly, working on it with day after day, with his helping cock and original white paint. Tempo:17 min


Handsome gay Algerian Jawel fucks his mate J.Bineau

Jawel the hot Arab Stud never misses an opportunity to have a good wank. Naked in a basement, he's rubbing his big meaty cock when one of his neighbors passes by... It doesn't take long for the little dude to fall on his knees and suck him off. Like a true performer, Jawel starts riding the dude's ass immediately after having shot a big load! Tempo:23 min


I'll shut your mouth bitch

The french slut Yo is hungry for a dick. So he invited Cagoule94 to his apartment without knowing that this top alpha male have not found any ass to fuck for about a week or two. So the guy is in VERY NEED of rough sex and ready to fuck hard white bitches. With his giant mixed-race dick, he's gonna shut the mouth of that slut and fuck his ass with no mercy. We are talking about a pure animal sex here. The bottom slut knows his place and submits himself to violent hooded guy, which is using his mighty dick to establish a male predominance on a weaker gender. Tempo:19 min


A dude in a hood for Med

Even though Med likes cute rascals, he doesn't mind when the dude facing him is wearing a hood as long as he sucks him well. In this video he bumps into one anonymous male, down in a basement. The hooded cock-sucker is new in the area and eager to play with Med's big bazooka. Watching the two males use their mouthes on each other's cock is a real treat. Check this out! Tempo:15 min


Saved by a cock

Tiziano will be very busy today. It takes a lot of time to suck that monster cock of Idriss, the Algerian guy living in France. You must go all the way up, from the bottom of the balls to the top of his dick, and then all the way back. Considering its size it is almost like driving on 66 Road. Don't worry, Tiziano has all the time he needs to cherrish that marvelous dick. To thank him for all sweetness showed to his cock, Idriss will fuck that A class of Tiziano's roughly and mainly. His extra large dick will make suffer his hole, but that's the price to pay if you want to make sex with Algerian men. Tempo:17 min