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In a no entry tunnel, "Ptit Jo" is waiting for daily treat: a nice big Arab cock to stuff his mouth and fuck his greedy little ass. Luckily he doesn't have to wait for too long because Walid is on his way down, looking for a hole to plow. Valid is dominant, hung and relentless when fucking. He doesn't stop until he's done! Pitt Jo is gonna be kept busy for a good while! Tempo:17 min


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Maltos, the Portuguese road man is taking home Cooper to share him with his firefighter fuck buddy. Both macho perverts will be unleashed on the young guy. While the firefighter use his spear on Copper, Maltos will inflicts him deep throats repeatedly. It is time for the kitty to abandon all modesty and take tonight the role of a good girl. Tempo:17 min


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Tiziano’s beautiful ass will suffer again. Today, he will have to take into his hole two good decimeters of pussy-starved cock. This time it's Cagoule 94 fellow, the « Force of Nature guy », which targets the wet Tiziano’s ass. Our handsome Latino lover will totally give his ass to mixed-race macho fucker and will take that big and large cock very deep into his hole. Excited by the magnificent body of his bottom sub, the hooded black fucker will fuck his mouth and his pussy like a bull. Tempo:17 min


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Anis is starving! He needs his share of ass! He calls in the cute little ass-man Marc Humper down a basement. The Arab Stud unwraps the goods and put his bitch to work! The fuck can scream all he wants, there no one to hear him. The more it hurts, the harder Anis rides him. A bit of spit as lube and a few fingers to open him up, the rest is history. If you like it rough then you're in for a real treat! Tempo:18 min


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"Le Marseillais" is hungry for ass and tonight it's J.Bineau's time to service the stud! The boss arrives in his flat and wastes no time: he unwraps his big schlong to stuff it in J's face. He tells him what to do and how to do it with his deep dominant voice. He is turning him into his own private little bitch. He takes his mouth and his hot little ass...then it's a facial for the obedient boy! Tempo:20 min


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When two arab men fuck that's a great deal of sex. Ryan the Caillera is ready to strike Ansar's ass with his big Moroccan dick. Ansar, the Algerian gay, is just happy to give his ass to his Moroccan pal. Ryan's dick is large and fat, but Ansar will make his best efforts to satisfy his arab pal and open his ass widely and shut his mouth. It's painful but it makes him feel so happy because he loves his pal. Pain and pleasure, that's arabian love. Tempo:16 min



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