Gabriel Paris

Gabriel Paris

Gabriel est un bogos de 26 ans aux yeux bleux, passif avec un boule d'enfer! Ce mec assume complètement son côté lope et mettez lui un bogos actif TBM en skets devant lui et il se transforme en chienne soumise et offerte! Son cul est infatigable et il a une bouche gobeuse de queue à faire bander un impuissant! Sortez vos queues, Gabriel Paris est là pour vous!
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It's time for Gabriel Paris to show his real nature of blond bitch. We have presented this fashion guy to Ryan The Rascall, our top Arab fucker, who just loves bottom bitches. Gabriel will have to open very wide his white ass and welcome Ryan's big moroccan dick. Pushed against the wall Gabriel will be fucked like a whore, and you'll see, it's exactly how things shall happen. Because these two guys perfectly know what each of them shall do. To fuck and to obey.

The "Ass-Destroyer" has found himself a job as a delivery boy. He is now able to enter the offices and flats of loads of cock-suckers. As soon as he spots a willing bottom boy, he unwrap his massive cock. Today for the young Cooper, the delivery he is getting exceeds his expectations. Mark Humper, as hot as ever, gets between the hands of Cagoule 94. No need for the cock-suckers to know what he looks like! All they want is his huge cock anyway! The Black Fucker is back for a new game with Gabriel Paris. Once again the black stud will destroy that chicken's ass of Gabriel, with his big fat black dick. Just pure, organic, fuck Black Menace is a member of the "Hooded Gang". He uses his XXL cock to open up the tightest holes. No ass can resist him! A slutty frenchy called Cazador has the courage to meet him back in the projects where Black Menace lives. He hasn't been fucked for ages and he doesn't know what's gonna hit him! His poor ass is gonna be sore for a week or two! When you've got a big piece of 24 cm dick such as Max, it is not easy to find a bottom guy able to welcome your Godzilla. Fortunately for big black dicks, in Paris you can find sometimes some experienced bottom lad who just can't get enough. This is the case of Scott who will eat Max's big cock for hours. To thank him for his oral expertise, Max will fuck his ass beyond exceptations !


Before becoming a serial fucker Fabio TBM was nice and considerate. He always took the time to prepare the holes he was about to shove his cock in. Now he's become a fuck-machine and he uses his rock-hard dick like a weapon, totally disregarding the poor dudes he fucks! Gabriel Paris is about to endure from both ends the assaults of the mighty top!


Le Defonceur is back for a new game with Gabriel Paris. Last time when they met, our french guy was impressed with sexual performance of his black fucker and wanted absolutely to meet this guy again. Or to be more precise to have his huge and large black dick in his mouth and ass. So this time Le Defonceur will fuck his mouth again and will destroy the withe ass in African way. As you know the sex is always better the second time you do it with same guy. Bottom guys know how bitchy they can be, and top guys want to achieve a new level of performance and submit slut-acting guy to their dick. Let the game begins !

Fabio TBM is a first class fucker. He's got a big dick, that goes without saying but most importantly he gets so hard and so horny that he could fuck a hole in the wall! What he really likes is fucking little twinks, skinny ones. He likes to put them down to his feet and shag their faces. Sometimes he likes to dominate muscular guys too like Jeff Stronger or greedy demanding passive dudes like Gabriel Paris. By now I think you get the picture: Fabio is a true serial fucker!!!


The black fucker is back for a new game with Gabriel Paris. Once again the black stud will destroy that chicken's ass of Gabriel, with his big fat black dick. Gabriel Paris has no chance in this game. The result is known even before the match starts. This is hard sex scene with no useless words or additives. Just pure, organic, fuck.

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Gabriel Paris has lost his virginity longtime ago. But today he will feel, like it is the very first time for his ass to take it. Bigdicked Fabio will fuck him in "gangster mode". No mercy for that tight hole and round ass ! Gabriel will sit on his big hard dick, jump on it, and suck it for hours like a bitch. That's what Fabio likes - submissive bitches. Some guys are just lucky.

Gabriel Paris has not only nice blue eyes, he has also gorgeous ass. When he walks on the street, many straight guys watch his ass and dream about fucking him like a dirty bitch. But Gabriel Paris is not that kind of guy. He has a lot of elegance even when he gives his ass. After all, he's French, right ?! Byron Cohen will show you what a man can do with that gift of nature.

Max with his big black dick is going to kick smooth Gabriel's ass. Gabriel is very bitchy today. He wants it all and he wants it more. And he will get it !

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