Le bogoss latino, à la tete de bonhomme et la teub prête à tirer dès qu'un bon boule se présente. La barbe de trois quatre jours et un style décontracté, Ronaldo soigne sa présentation comme il se doit. Le gars n'est pas radin, il aime rouler des pèles baveuses à ses potes et donner des bons coups de reins à volonté.
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Time: 17 min

The Latino with a big package and the jock-strapped passive dude meet up at the corner of a street. One look to confirm they both think the same way and off they go through a half-open door. Inside a room the hunky stud enjoy getting his cock worshiped by the stranger he just met. He grabs him and makes him eat his ass. He's now ready to hump him deep and hard. It's hot and rough. Don't miss this video!

Published: 2018-06-08 - Time: 19 min

Yo is back in the room, waiting for a dude he noticed earlier in the morning. When the Latino hottie arrives Yo wastes no time. He goes down on him, making sure his cock gets rock-hard. Then it's time to open up his hole for his new ride! After he fucked him, the rascal oders him to finish him off by hand. Yo is more than happy to work on the great cock, looking forward to watching it shoot its massive load!

Time: 15 min

A medical practice is quickly getting notorious! Located in some rough area of a suburb, you can often find there some horny Arab dudes. The young gay doctors in town have e been hearing the news: If they want to get fucked by some bad-boys this practice is the place to work at! Ronaldo is a new doctor who arrived three weeks ago. He has been hoping to see a dominant Arab to examine and today he finally gets the visit of Malik, a horny straight dude whose cock is on fire. The doctor has perfect cure for him: his hot little ass!