Roman Tik

Roman Tik

What a beautiful boy! Roman Tik is one of the most beautiful French gay models. He lives in Paris, is 23 years old, he hase beautiful blue eyes and the that nice Bamby look. His pretty boy chic style and that innocent look could easily become embedded in a Renaissance painting and be the object of admiration for his beauty for centuries to come.
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Roman Tik has a new fucker. A rascal from Nanterre of Portuguese origin. The guy arrives hooded at home and takes out his big cock directly. No time for preliminaries here, Roman must immediately suck in the back of the throat and salivate. The Cagouleur fucks his mouth and slaps Roman's face with big cock. Comletely excited, Roman presents his little white ass, and asks the rascal to fuck his hole. When the Portuguese starts to fuck that Roman's ass, the whole building is informed. A wild fuck, but necessary to calm the needs of young Italian playboy.

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In France, when you have pretty face, blue eyes or a charming little smile, Arab boys just love to fuck your ass. Roman Tik has all these qualities and even more than that. He's an experienced bottom who likes big dicks, and loves to be fucked hard for hours. When he sucks the circumcised cock, his look of "young innocent boy" excites thoroughly Arab men looking for good submissive. When he gives his ass, top fuckers can expel all their testosterone jets. Algerian man Cashteub did not need anything else. He takes the little frenchie in his arms, kisses him in Holywood style, and fucks his ass violently like a jackal who has not eaten that week. The sensations are strong, cock shots are deep, but Roman Tik always give the best of him when submitted to arab cocks.


Since Adel moved into his neighborhood, he spends time fucking. This handsome gay arab man is clearly very successful: as soon as he connects to dating app, the suckers are unleashed. There is a lot of competition, so the chosen one must work hard to satisfy the male, and to enter his address book of bitches. Roman, a cute french twink, is ready to take up the challenge. And for good reason: the cock, he eats that every day. He has learned how to become Adel's favorite cocksucker. He masters the art of deep throat sucking like no one, he adapts to all kind of positions to get fucked very deep.


Since he was fucked like a bitch by Cagouleur, Romain Tik dreamed of being raped, again, by this portuguese thug. But porto-man was working all the week on the construction site and had no time to meet the blue-eyed pretty boy. This saturday, instead of going to demonstrate on Champs Elysées, the hooded guy landed at Romain's flat, determined to fuck the young ass of his pretty lover.


Roman Tik is cute french twink who likes to be fucked by Arab and black guys from French slams. Tahar is a Moroccan gay man, who was always attracted by French dudes and their blue eyes. Obviously, the encounter between the two of them will work just fine. They meet in a friend's apartment in some social building near Paris. Roman sucks big circumcised Arab dick in deep troth manner, then gets fucked on chair and bed. Tahar wants his ass and wants it badly. So he fucks him like a whore with no mercy, but that's exactly what Roman wanted all this time. To be fucked mercilessly like a bitch.

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