Ride my hole Fares
Ride my hole Fares

Ride my hole Fares

Gay video. Time: 15 min

Mec cagoulé comes to the parking lot with one wish : that Fares will ride his hole. He gives the keys of his ass to the hung dominant boss. First of all, the machine has to be started up properly, so Mec cagoulé makes his man hard with his mouth. Then he finds himself on all fours on the ground ready for a wild ride. When it's time to fuck an ass, Fares is the kind of guy who quickly goes over the speed limit, driving like a madman. No skidding, just pleasure, and Mec cagoulé moans like a car horn. Bad luck for him, he doesn't have a windshield wiper and he'll get all the cum on his face in the end.

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