French gays love cum
French gays love cum

French gays love cum

Gay video. Time: 19 min

Bresilien won't soon forget his time in France. He's only come across super cocksuckers and above all he loves the French because they all want to swallow cum ! Today he meets Alex Brand. At first, the Frenchie is in the mood for romance and the guys make out like lovers. But once Brésilien pulls out his meat, the mood changes: Alex throws himself on the floor and sucks deep, drooling like an addicted stupid beast. This time Bresilien doesn't want a mouth only : yeah, he knows the French love blow jobs, but you've got to give your ass too! Alex arches his back and takes it raw and deep. And once Brazilian pulls out, the Frenchman sucks again like a champ. Bresilien now knows that to please a Parisian you've got to feed him with loads of cum. His balls are full, no worries.

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