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You're back to work but we have a sensational DVD to cheer you up! Cum and get carried away by our Gang of Hooded Ass-Fuckers! Everywhere in the projects our anonymous rascals fuck faces and ass-holes! On the roof of a building, in a lift or a filthy basement, they grab some cock-suckers in search of a thrill... They hide their faces but their cocks are huge, hard and ready to stretch the tightest holes! The serial-fuckers of The Gang go Hooded Ass-Fuckers have no mercy. They shove their massive schlongs down a throat, up a gut and anywhere they can. This horny DVD delivers a special gang-bang final: 5 dicks to use and abuse a poor passive dude who won't be able to sit down for a few weeks after this intense fuck-session! 3 HOURS - 8 SCENES - 10 CITEBEUR MODELS
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tyron bang mask ttbm citebeur gay-15
tyron bang mask ttbm citebeur gay-15
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Tonight Leo Helios is like a whore in heat and he heads off to some secret basement to go and find the "Gang of Hooded Fuckers". Leo is very lucky, "Mask TTBM" is there when he arrive, looking for an ass to trash with his big fat cock. He's gonna fuck his face then his hole will be next!

tu la sens sur l escalier roulant-13
tu la sens sur l escalier roulant-13
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A hooded arab man called Cagouler mercilessly fucks Leo's ass on escalator, in the middle of ancient mall. The place is used by local gangsta man who deal drugs and sometimes also fuck and rape gay men. This french dude needs to learn a lesson : ?Do not go to nasty places like this, as you will be enslaved like a whore and raped by all the gang?. That's exactely what will happen to Leo. Used and abused, he will finally find his right place of total bottom, enslaved by big arab cock.

gang bang cagoules tony axel citebeur-20
gang bang cagoules tony axel citebeur-20
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Tony wanted cock and he got loads of it! The "Hooded Gang" grabbed Tony Axel in a stairway, fucked his face and gang-banged his little ass. Four anonymous hung tops abused and humiliated him. He loved it! Tony Axel is one hell of a cock-taker!

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What's up bro! I wear a leather mask to stay undercover and not make me catch by my girlfriend's crew but I confess that I really like make the men getting horn and make the bottom men come who scream of pleasure when I put my XXL cock deep in their hole.

duo black cagoule cefran citebeur-14
duo black cagoule cefran citebeur-14
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Edito Deep, a muscled black stud from Paris shows off his 10 inch thick cock. Watch him rub his monster cock somewhere in a basement of the projects. You're gonna love the sight of him spreading his thick sperm on the ground ! Tony Axel, a bottom white boy, is servicing dominant male. Cocksucker will give his mouth and ass to enraged big black dick. White boy is brutally fucked by black master.

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"Cagoule Hot" is a hung rascal who wants to stay anonymous. We don't really care what he looks like. All we want to see is the dude's huge cock in full perforation of Tony Axel's little ass! The passive boy is going to get plenty of dick from the anonymous fucker! Did I mention that this is an outdoor session??

tyron bang cagoule citebeur-20
tyron bang cagoule citebeur-20
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Tyron Bang must be one of the hottest ass around this year! In this scene he gives his hot gay hole while bent over against a gym bench. A horny hooded top arab gay boy is behind him to stretch his tight gay hole, making him moan and scream from pleasure and pain! Fucked by big arab dick Tyron bang will be wide open, submitted to powerful arab cock like a submissive femel slut. Give your ass slut and shut your mouth !

Pubblicato: 2018-11-09 - Tempo: 0 min

Tyron Bang is a new model who's gonna make a big impression! He likes to service anonymous hung males wearing a hood. He doesn't care what the dude looks like as long as he can suck on a huge cock. All he wants is to be impaled on massive dicks and fucked hard! Check him out in action in the staircase of the building where he lives. And don't worry, we know you'll want to see more of him so we scheduled him for a September DVD!

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