Ah ... Jawel the Handsom ! What shall we say about him... As you can see mother nature was very nice with our Citebeur Star. Jawel is Algerian, top and big dicked. And he's also very friendly person and still single.
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Published: 2018-11-30

A pure Porn Star duet 100% Citebeur! The handsome Jawel in his rascal outfit faces the sexy passive Ludovic Canot. Check out the hot Ludovic's little ass pounded by Jawel's big fuck pole. Jawel really loved to ride the boy and he gave him all he got making him scream from pleasure. Grab a box of tissues and start watching!

Published: 2018-10-26

This, is a superb video! Two of the hottest Citebeur models get together for a darkroom session. Jawel and Med are two superb males, horny and hung. By the way they look each other up you can tell they can't wait to taste each other's cock. There's chemistry in the darkroom and you don't want to miss any of the action!

jawel 5
jawel 5
Published: 2018-08-10

Jawel the hot Arab Stud never misses an opportunity to have a good wank. Naked in a basement, he's rubbing his big meaty cock when one of his neighbors passes by... It doesn't take long for the little dude to fall on his knees and suck him off. Like a true performer, Jawel starts riding the dude's ass immediately after having shot a big load!

Published: 2018-05-20

The hot Enzo and handsome Jawel lock themselves up in a room. The boys fancy each other and they're off to a sensual start until Jawel turns his attention towards Enzo's ass, licking and fingering it to prepare for what's to come... Jawel on top of Enzo, it's hot and steamy. Don't miss it!

Jawel is in great form and hornier than ever! The Arab adonis bumps into a mixed-race dude in the stairway of his building. He grabs him, forces his big cock down his throat while spitting on his face. He turns him around and shove his whole dick up the poor dude's ass, making him scream from pleasure!

Sometimes something special happens between two models during the shooting of a scene. It's called chemistry! See how Rudy gets used by the dominant Jawel. The slutty boy gets slapped and spat on while he worships the top's dick before giving his hot little ass. Rudy wants the big Arab cock and Jawel is dying to plow the hot boy's hole!

Jawel is the new CITEBEUR star since his breakthrough in JAWEL LE REBEL DVD. The handsome Arab top loves fucking French dudes but when he gets to ride another Arab dude, things get even hotter. In this video the young Nassim is hungry for Jawel's cock and his mouth and ass are both get plenty of it!

683 12
683 12

A parade of hot dudes and big cocks just for you: the young Kai, Jawel and Jaden Idol are ready to have fun... Two tops and a bottom, Jaden the passive one has loads to look forward to! young and sexy, check'm out!

There is great chemistry between Jawel and Aurelien in this video. The hot Arab dude fucks the blue eyed twink's mouth and plays with his nice little butt down in Citebeur's basement. Of course feel free to cum in and check the hot ass banging action that follows...

Jawel is back in Paris and ready for action! He is meeting Sahja in a dark basement. He fucks his mouth and opens up the sub's ass with a dildo. After a bit of ass-play he shove his big dick up the tattooed boy's hole and fucks him deep and hard!

Matteo has heard of the hot Jawel and as a real Arab lover, he's organised to meet him in a dark basement for total privacy. Jawel he's gonna burst the cute blond boy's ass over and over...!!!

Jawel the rascal, has brought Sahaj to his basement. He walks around the place naked, making the boy horny and dribbling at the sight of his big cock swinging around. He starts kissing him then goes down to suck the big lolly... Things are about to get real hot in Jawel's basement!

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