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The beard is a pride for the man. A beautiful black beard, well maintained on a manly guy, it makes you wet. Samy Lakhdar has found his new fantasy: top bearded men. When he saw Tahar's picture on UnitedMen.com, he obviously liked this guy. Three clicks later the two arab boys meet in a room for a love game, spiced with spits, slaps and rough sex. Sucking Tahar's big arab cock, very thick and hard, got up to be a real challenge for the young arab boy. But the youngster has given itself thoroughly to please his Algerian fellow.


Roman Tik is cute french twink who likes to be fucked by Arab and black guys from French slams. Tahar is a Moroccan gay man, who was always attracted by French dudes and their blue eyes. Obviously, the encounter between the two of them will work just fine. They meet in a friend's apartment in some social building near Paris. Roman sucks big circumcised Arab dick in deep troth manner, then gets fucked on chair and bed. Tahar wants his ass and wants it badly. So he fucks him like a whore with no mercy, but that's exactly what Roman wanted all this time. To be fucked mercilessly like a bitch.

Take pleasure and sex, multiply by four and you get an amazing video where two tops fuck shamelessly side by side their two bottom pals who get the ride of their life! Four handsome hot boys, it takes a lot of imagination to figure out all the possible combination, and they sure don’t lack any when it comes to hardcore action! This sequence is an extract from the HOTCAST XXX DVD, available now on www.beurx.com

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Mathai is back for Gay Arab Club. At ease in his oriental outfit, he handles a little French sub and treats him like his bitch. He gets his cock sucked by the little dude and fingers his ass to open him up to his big rod. Between screams, moans and ass slapping noises you can tell the little whore enjoys his rough top!

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A hot three-way the way you like them...Rachid the XXL Arab dude, Tarek the power-fucker and Mathai eager and greedy, all get together between arab guys for a real oriental fuck session! Our three dark dudes keep exchanging their cocks for blow-jobs in all positions, of course Mathai who deserves his nickname, manages to suck both his buddies. To thank him, they flip him over to lick his ass while the other blows his cut dick.

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The weather is so hot that Tarek and Mathai decide to go down in a cellar to cool down. But the two buddies are way too hot and they literally jump on each other: deep blowjobs, good licking, and powerful ass-fucking

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