Kad's sperm flood
Kad's sperm flood

Kad's sperm flood

Gay video. Time: 17 min

This Venezuelan gay twink is about to discover what it's like to be flooded with hot cum when he meets one of the best juicy cocks in Paris: Kad's impressive dick. When he sees Kad come in and take out his big magnificent dick, the Venezuelan is totally horny and opens his mouth wide to drain this exceptional piece so tasty in mouth. True to himself, Kad directs and dominates him with his look, his hands, his words, enslaving him a little more with each stroke of his cock. The ass opens naturally to welcome the Arab Master but the explosion of cum is coming right in the mouth. The twink is covered with deliciously smelling cum and is happier than ever. Getting fucked by Kad is the best thing one could hope for.

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