Straight in your ass -1
Straight in your ass -1

Straight in your ass -1

Gay video. Time: 14 min

Rafael is proud of his huge, thick cock and wastes no time: when Mc Cm proposes to meet he sets the rules: no foreplay, he'll go straight to his ass. Mc Cm has accepted and he knows that he's going to take a lot and that his ass is going to have to be wide open. Door open, he waits in the kitchen, hooded and arched. He's dildoed himself beforehand so that his ass is maximally ready and can easily accommodate Rafael's imposing meat. And he was right to do so, for the boss doesn't pull any punches: he pulls out his huge, instantly stiff bit and sticks it to the bottom. Getting the whole thing is the first step, then it's time to make the most of it and let it fuck you in the ass for a long time and in all kinds of positions. Mc Cm isn't afraid and will even manage to ride it. Rafael loves it: that's a great bottom ! So he's going to stay all afternoon.

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