Train me Andolini
Train me Andolini

Train me Andolini

Gay video. Time: 14 min

This discreet arab dude with glasses comes to submit to Andolini and wants the dom top to train him to become one of his best slaves. He's eager to learn. Inexperienced but motivated, arab apprentice is very meticulous when it comes to worshipping dick. He has an innate talent for licking balls well, making cock hard and has a good natural level of deep throat. He loves it when Andolini motivates him with his deep voice and encourages him to keep sucking. When the boss manipulates his mouth with his powerful hands, he feels terribly horny. He knows what's coming next: Andolini has promised to fuck his virgin ass. It's big, it's going to hurt, but he's here to learn, isn't he? He puts on a jockstrap to show his determination. After a very intense start, ass will open up nicely and our obedient arab bottom won't be able to stop moaning that it's too good. Andolini will keep him for the day: he still has a lot to teach him.

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